2017 Hunting Season

Hunting Season 2017

2017 Hunting Season

2017 Hunting Season from Outlands

It’s open season on rabbit and pigeon all year round however for some species, there are seasons when it is illegal to shoot game or deer. This essential break is so that we allow each population to breed and grow. They will also move into different areas to feed.

Here is our list of the hunting seasons and when we take our clients out for the best hunting and shooting:

Pheasants: 10th October – 1st February
Partridge: 1st September – 1st February
Duck: 1st September – 31st January

Fallow Buck: 1st August – 30th April
Fallow Doe: 1st November – 31st March

Roe Buck: 1at April – 31st October
Roe Doe: 1st November – 31st March

Red Stags: 1st July – 21st October
Red Hinds: 21st October – 15th February

Muntjac have no seasons and can be hunted all year around.